Alex Bent + The Emptiness Starts Over With “Gwen Stefani”

Celebrate victory in life.  Spread your wings, fly, and start over with the new track “Gwen Stefani” by Alex Bent + The Emptiness.  It’s the third single from his EP Vanilla Blue that’s coming out this May.  “Gwen Stefani” is a nod to Gwen Stefani’s song “Hollaback Girls” which Alex included in his track to emphasize the meaning behind his song.  “Gwen Stefani” is about victory in life and starting over.

The best part of the track is the vocal collaboration between Alex and Jack Larsen.  It adds a little flair to the song which makes you even more excited to hear the entire track.  There is also a sample of “Hollaback Girls” within the collaboration.  It comes about halfway through the track and serves as an introduction to Jack Larsen’s part in the vocals.  The sample is like a direct quotation and Larsen’s part serves as the interpretation with additional discussion points.

The entire production is true to today’s pop music.  There is a high emphasis on autotune and the fragmented style of singing.  The EP is a collection of Alex’s life thus far and a sneak peek to what he has to offer in his full-length album due out in 2019.  Be on the lookout for Vanilla Blue on May 18 and get excited to hear more of what Alex Bent + The Emptiness has to offer.

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