Alezzandra Is A “Bad Girl In Heaven, Good Girl In Hell” With New Emotional And Erotic Single

Serbian/Swedish international recording artist, Alezzandra, reveals her new single, “Bad Girl in Heaven, Good Girl in Hell” that introduces her rich spectrum of emotion and eroticism. The track was co-written with guitarist/songwriter Denis Serifovic. One of the songs from her upcoming EP, The Black Rose out May 25. The song was co-produced by Alezzandra and Nathaniel Eras at Chrome Space in downtown LA, amidst a hotbed of creatives. The track was mixed/mastered by Mehdi Hassine.

“Bad Girl in Heaven, Good Girl in Hell” is propelled by her female empowerment narrative, poetic lyrics, psychedelic textures and enticing and expansive voice. The track is intense, eerie, and dark. However, it is a perfect jam making the listening want to hear more of what Alezzandra has to offer.

“The night Denis and I wrote ‘Bad Girl in Heaven, Good Girl in Hell’ was a very memorable one. Red wine featuring Marlboro lights, it was the tune of that magical Thursday (January 19th, 2017.) The melody and the rhythm together describe me so deeply [as] both edgy and erotic. I remember the words were just screaming out of me. The tenderness in me had to go​. It didn’t belong there anymore, and I wanted to be extreme about it. I can’t wait for everybody to see my visual EP​ for The Black Rose, due out May ​25th, 2018, to understand how attached and meaningful the music is to the film and vice versa.” Says Alezzandra.

“Bad Girl in Heaven, Good Girl in Hell” is available on again her upcoming EP is out May 25 and it sure is one to look forward to from this artist who loves to be in the unknown creating intense, dark, eerie, and enticing music for listeners!

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