AlphaCub Recently Released His New Single “Don’t Waste My Love

Toronto-based contemporary pop artist AlphaCub has recently released new single “Don’t Waste My Love” from his upcoming, debut, full-length album in collaboration with mixer/producer Ken Lewis, credited for working with X-Ambassadors, Katy Perry, Lorde, etc. The single has a cool, alternative vibe that has elements throwing back to early 80’s, all culminating in a unique sound that’ll get you bopping along to the beat.

Regarding the track, AlphaCub says, “I had the chorus melody in my head for years before I recorded it. I sat down Alex Meade, my producer and hummed the whole thing to him. We built around that. I love making music this way. I was inspired by Canadian artists like Alfie Zappacosta and Gino Vanelli. I love that early 80’s adult contemporary stuff, I think it’s catchy AF and I think everyone else does too. I want people to hear that vibe and to love that vibe should this song end up on their playlist.”

“Don’t Waste My Love” has a powerful, positive feel throughout, but has a touch of, hmm, seriousness? somberness? Something that draws it back to the original meaning the artist intended. AlphaClub describes “Don’t Waste My Love” as “a song about me trying to react positively through difficult moments in my life. All proceeds for the single will go towards Cystic Fibrosis Canada; a cause that is very dear to me.”

Continuing on, AlphaCub reveals the truly emotional connection he has to his single: “Last year my friend and first agent Paul Gourlie passed away after a lifetime of dealing with CF. That had a huge effect on me as he was one of the first people believed in me. And then my niece Poppy was diagnosed with CF, three days after she was born, and all of a sudden it was all the people closest to me affected by the disease. We were going to have to deal with this together and this is me trying to react positively to the whole situation.”

A song with a cause. Always happy to hear about good intentions behind the creation of something—song, book, art piece, etc. Definitely give this energetic bop a listen by following the links below!

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