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Amy Guess Gets It Right “10 Times Out of 10” with Newest Release



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Synth pop: a genre that’s so endless, it’s easy to get lost in. It’s hard to find that one dance tune that you could hear the radio playing non-stop for months on end. Never fear, for electro-pop songstress Amy Guess has you covered.

“10 Times Out of 10” is the infectiously catchy new single from the indie singer that will have you pressing “Repeat” at least five times after you first hear it. Not only does the stunning production have seamless blends of bass and snyth, but Amy’s clear but not overpowering voice floats over the chill, nevertheless extremely fun electronic melodies.

Not only is the beat a head-nodder, but the lyrics are also worth pointing out. The song, about a relationship that’s ending, holds an optimistic tone, with the hook being “If I had to do it all over again, it’s a 10 times out of 10.” Not only is it a catchy play on words, but it’s a breath of fresh air from the current wave of depressing pop songs that have great beats, however, the words make you want to sit and cry. No, “10 Times Out of 10” keeps you dancing and keeps you going throughout the entire track.

The music video is a great compliment to the song, looking like it came out of an 80s nightclub. There’s an abundance of strobe lights everywhere, and Amy is sporting neon blue hair and matching lipstick. All the colors reminded me of being trapped in a kaleidoscope. Not only did my eyes get treated to an impressive light show, but the vibe of the video gives me an excited notion for what’s to come from the pop star.

In early 2017, the Las Vegas native will release an EP of the same name. There’s sure to be more great things coming from the singer, and “10 Times Out of 10” is a single you don’t want to miss.

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Kayla Carmichael

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