ANZU Has A Hit Single and New EP, “Without Love Vol. 1”

ANZU, with their hit “(When I Was) Loving You”, proves their just as ready for summer as anyone else. With a funky, energetic beat, the song is just a glimpse of what they have been working on in 2017. The duo from Edmond,AB brings French house music together with a twist of disco. With their first album being released on Valentine’s Day, ANZU prepares the holiday with a glimpse of what to expect for their future plans.

Sounding similar to the American band “Justice” with a blend of Calvin Harris, the band creates an ambience of fun and carefree tunes. While working on the album, the band experimented with creating tracks by something very unseen in the music world. They constructed random music samples and created unique melodies, while evolving their own sense and style of music. They prove to be a new era of funky pop-electro.

With their other hit, Stereophonic ft. Vissia (Kusch Remix), their female vocals electrify their future potential. ANZU was a band created for summer, good times, and upbeat melodies that could make anyone dance. Their new EP , Without Love Vol. 1, is now available as well!

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