Audible Concert Review: Day6 Takes New York

South Korean pop rock group Day6 has been on a roll with their monthly single releases and concerts and… what’s this? A North American tour? Well, fancy that. Guess I’ll just have to go and write a concert review for ‘em. You know. Solely for professional purposes, of course.

Blatant lies aside, I have written about the five piece band—comprised of leader and guitarist Sungjin, guitarist Jae, bassist Young K, keyboardist Wonpil, and drummer Dowoon—in the past for their Every Day6 May release, “DANCE DANCE,” but I’ll give a recap before I dive right into pretty much the most satisfying concert experience of my life.

Signed under JYP Entertainment, Day6 debuted back in 2015, and up until now have released two mini albums, nine single albums for their Every Day6 Project, and one full length album. I’ve gushed before about the band’s versatility, taking on (and conquering) a wide range of rock styles with their music, and they haven’t disappointed as 2017 has progressed. Since the release of “DANCE DANCE,” other releases of the Every Day6 Project have included their first full album Sunrise in June with title track “I Smile (반드시 웃는다),” as well as single albums Every Day6 July with “Hi Hello,” Every Day6 August with “What Can I Do (좋은걸 뭐 어떡해),” Every Day6 September with “I Loved You,” and Every Day6 October with “When You Love Someone (그렇더라고요).” Their next release, Every Day6 November, is set to drop November 6, and will supposedly be taking on a more unplugged, acoustic sound.

(Fun fact: The music videos for the past three months’ releases have followed a dramatic, linear storyline, and fans, newly dubbed My Days, are eagerly awaiting the next episode of Day6 High School.

Additional, less-fun fact: No, it’s not actually called that.)

Alright, let’s get to the tour. Back in September, SubKulture Entertainment announced the Day6 Live & Meet in North America tour. SubK is a LA-based production company that specializes in bringing Korean acts to North America, and has managed tours for BTS, Block B, GOT7, SHINee, and K.A.R.D. They are currently promoting tours for SF9 and BewhY.

The Day6 Live & Meet in particular, though, wasn’t just a concert tour, but a fan meet-up of sorts, as well. The band members participated in games with the audience—different games depending on the stop—as well as a Q&A session with questions submitted by fans. The band made stops in Los Angeles, Austin, NYC, Detroit, and just recently ended their tour with a final stop in Toronto.

Each ticket level for the tour yielded different benefits for fans—P1 attended the Fansign event before the show and received a signed poster, P2 attended the Hi-Touch after the show, and P3 received a signed poster. I had the pleasure (and luck) of attending the NYC stop at The Town Hall with a front row, P1 ticket, so I was able to attend the Fansign and meet the band members.

Mind-numbing excitement aside, the Fansign was an incredibly relaxed and pleasant affair. (I won’t go into too much detail because this semi-professional commentary will just devolve into a giddy, ranting mess.) Overall, the band members seemed happy to be able to meet their fans and engage in casual (albeit short) conversation with them. With the shred of mental comprehension I had left in me in the moment, I was able to tell lead guitarist Jae that I would be writing an article about the concert. He seemed pleased by the idea and told me to “Write it well!”

So, Jae, how am I doing so far?

The relaxed atmosphere remained during the concert, too. Well, relaxed in the sense that my friends and I felt a surreal sort of connection and camaraderie with Day6 during the talking segments between songs. (Real talk, after the concert, it felt like we were ready to hang out with the band members. “We’re best friends, now, right?” “They’re meeting us for breakfast tomorrow, right?” It really felt like that.)

That chill atmosphere changed the moment Day6 started playing. There is just so much to admire about their music. Driving rhythms? Yes. Musical complexities? Yes. (Give me more rock songs in compound time signatures, please.) Emotion and passion? Absolutely. Vocals? Gorgeous. Don’t get me started on Day6’s harmonies; I will wax poetic about how beautiful they are (Ex.: please see “Letting Go (놓아 놓아 놓아)”).

The skill these guys have is absolutely incredible, as is their passion for performing. The energy was way up and everyone was hyped and just having a great time. It was a big ol’ party, my friends. In total, they performed only ten of their songs—most from the Every Day6 Project but there were some of their older songs, as well—but it felt like so much more. (Speaking of their old songs, Day6 performed their debut track “Congratulations” and surprised the room by pointing out that one of the song’s composers was in the audience.)  I truly have no complaints regarding their performance and I encourage you, kind reader, to see these guys perform live one day. It was such a gratifying experience and just an overall good time. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it was real.

The Q&A session in the middle of the show brought out some good laughs, and My Days were able to learn more about the members. Each answered a sticky-note question from a fan (chosen with the pressure of the audience singing the Jeopardy theme), and ended up telling some pretty deep/interesting stories. Wonpil revealed his preference for hip hop as a kid. Dowoon confessed that he would like to communicate with animals (bears, specifically). Jae recounted the time he attended a meet & greet for Philip Wang as a fan, sang for him, and was pretty much inspired to further pursue music.

More serious moments set in during the final talking segment of the show. It was a bittersweet moment, having to say goodbye at the end of such a fulfilling experience. Young K relayed his previous worries over performing in North America—wondering if the fans here would know the lyrics, would applaud enough, etc. etc. In the end, he said that he’d been wrong, and that the fans here are “crazy.” I mean, you’re not wrong, Young K.

Being originally from LA, Jae had a special connection to performing in the US, and ended his final segment with some inspirational words for the fans:

“Don’t let anyone ever tell you ‘no,’ because I feel like I see a lot of people stop once they see this huge gap in front of them. They’re like, ‘I can’t walk any further,’ ‘I can’t run,’ ‘I feel like if I jump, I’ll fall.’ But you’ll be surprised how easily you can get to the other side. So jump. You got it. We believe in you. If I can do it, you can do it.”

Yeah, he basically had the whole venue in tears by that point. I applaud him and the other band members for promoting this camaraderie, encouragement, and enthusiasm with the audience. Again, you could truly feel the connection and… almost family-like nature throughout the intimate venue.

Now, over a week has gone by since the Day6 Live & Meet in North America NYC stop, and Day6 has gained the attention of Billboard with their style and energy. I might sound like a broken record, but this is just a fantastic group of artists—talented, fun-loving, brilliant, stage-capturing artists—and North American My Days eagerly anticipate the day the boys come back around.

For more information on Day6, the Day6 Live & Meet in North America, and SubKulture Entertainment, feel free to follow any of the links below! Also, keep an eye out for Day6’s upcoming November release in the next week!

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