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Made In The Shade Records hasn’t been on the scene long but in such short time they have already made a mark in the music industry. Since its inception in 2015, this Denver based music label has prided itself in separating the old “traditional” indie artists/label relationship by creating a place where only the good vibes of music matter for each individual artist. In just one year they have curated a major music festival called Bonanza Campout, sponsored the Vans Warped Tour 2016 and Reggae Riseup, while facilitating over ten music releases! They currently work with such artists as rapper, Kyle Bent, and indie rock star, Cale & The Gravity Well. We are excited to have the opportunity to interview them and discuss some pretty cool things with this Colorado label!


Kayla: Thank you for joining us Justin! Let’s get to it! Starting off, how did Made in the Shade come into conception, and what significance does the name hold?


Justin: Well first off we’re all a group of friends from college, who have a a serious passion or background in music. Over the years the idea of starting a label was tossed around and but never taken too seriously. Then one summer night in 2015 we were all out drinking and got into this drunk enthusiastic deep conversation, I’m sure many of you can relate. Anyways we started talking seriously about the record label and that we could really do this and who better then this group of friends. One of our friends threw out the name Made in the Shade Records, and what it meant- We were destined for greatness, we were made in the shade. With us all in awe with the name it was pretty much the icing on the cake. From that night we put our forces together and have built Made in the Shade Records to what it is today, given were just a year old look for much more growth from us as we have lots in store for the world!


Kayla: That’s impressive! What was the Denver scene, or scene in general, missing that led you to create Made in the Shade?


Justin: It’s not necessarily just the Denver scene but the entire record scene we felt needed something different. In an industry where money pretty much runs everything we want to kind of break that stigma. Of course we want to be successful and profit as business but we will never bring on an artist we don’t passionately believe in just to make a quick buck. We are putting art and the people at the top of our priority list. As you’ll see from our roster, especially over the next few years we’re all over the board on music genres. Everyone at MITS is passionate about different types of music which makes us a strong force for diversity.


Kayla: What kind of impression did MITS aim to make on the industry with your first set of music releases this past year?


Justin: We’re just breaking ground! We are stoked about our first artists and releases in our very first year. Labels take time to be where they want to be. Right now were holding strong on our path and pushing hard to be able to make serious impressions in the industry. Though I think the industry is definitely noticing us and is curious to see what we will bring to the table.


Kayla: Is there any project you’re most excited about working on within the upcoming year?


Justin: This is hard because we’re excited about everything we’re working on in 2017. I’m working very close with an artist who has yet to be released on our roster and I couldn’t be more excited about him. His first releases are going to blow people away so stay tuned for those!


Kayla: That is exciting! Currently you guys are known for two indie artists, how does your personalized campaign styles differ between these two artists?


Justin: We cater to our artist needs, and every artist is completely different so their campaigns are drastically different. Especially because we’re a diverse label. We’re not going to use the same campaign for a rapper that we’d use for a rock artist, or a pop artist. We work hand in hand with each artist curating a campaign that works with them!


Kayla: Cale and the Gravity Well is one of your artists, what does this indie rock star add to your label? What made MITS reach out to him?


Justin: We are proud to coin Cale and the Gravity Well as our first artist to MITS. He was our first project and if you know his background at all MITS impacted him to really pursue music as a career. So in a way we were both each others first! He has a passion for music and a uniqueness that is unmatched and thats what seriously adds to our label. He’s a developing artist and we’re a developing label so we go hand in hand with Cale. We actually knew Cale before we started the label and loved the music that he was creating. We approached him about the label and pursuing a career in music, and he had a stoked fuck it, lets give it a try attitude – like a true rock star! So look for some serious growth from this artist as he has some big plans for 2017!


Kayla: One of your other artists is freshly coming off  tour with Nelly, what’s up next for rapper Kyle Bent?


Justin: Opening for Nelly was such a highlight for us and Kyle this year. We all love Nelly and were stoked for the opportunity. Kyle Bent is definitely up and coming and has a lot planned for 2017. Look for new releases from him along with some awesome artists featured on his tracks. Also be on the lookout for a Kyle Bent tour coming this following year. He’s super passionate about making a positive change in the world and we’d love to see him continuing to do such.


Kayla: What are some of the ways you plan on expanding and perfecting Bonzana Festival this year?


Justin: Last year was Bonanzas first year as a festival so it was a huge learning experience for everyone involved. We’ve made huge improvements and our lineup is off the hook this coming year! More info about Bonanza 2017 is soon to be released so I don’t want to say too much. Just make sure to be on the lookout because this is going to be a killer festival this year, and you won’t want to miss it!


Kayla: What type of artists are you looking to work with in the future, is there any specific preference in genre?


Justin: Everything, we have no limits! We want artists that are driven by their art, and completely submerged in creating. Just know when you see an artist backed by MITS they are extremely passionate about the work they are doing.


Kayla: How do you know when you’ve found an artist you want to sign?


Justin: After due diligence and research, then meeting the potential artists and getting to know them, see a show or two of theirs then we usually have a good understanding whether we want to move forward to signing them! We are totally open to submissions and love hearing new music, so after reading this if you feel like a good fit send some music our way!


Thank you Justin for taking the time for this interview and thank you everyone at Made In The Shade Records for giving us the opportunity to cover you all. We look forward to hearing what you have in store for us this upcoming year and support it all every step of the way! Readers, check out Kyle Bent and Cale & The Gravity Well’s music for some truly great sounds. See our interview with Cale about his latest project, Age of Envy,  as well!
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