Audible Exclusive Interview: We Sit Down With Beat Author and Melanie Munoz To Discuss Their Latest Single “Breathe”

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Beat Author is making quite the impact right now with their latest single, “Breathe” featuring the amazing Melanie Munoz. We had the distinct honor and privilege to sit down with all of them to discuss how “Breathe” came together and what’s next from this talented bunch.

AA (Audible Addixion): How did you guys meet and come up with the concept of “Beat Author”?

BA (Beat Author): Chris and I met through a mutual friend.  We recognized each other’s talent and the next day Beat Author was born. Wasting no time at all we got to work.

AA: Producing is a really competitive lane in making music, what do you think separates you guys from most beat makers?

BA: We aren’t trying to sound like everyone else out there.  All of our songs are unique in their own way.  We like to experiment and do things differently then what everyone else is doing so we stand out.  “Breathe” was very textbook song but I thought we brought a little edge with Melanie singing and she did a wonderful job.

AA: What was the inspiration for the latest single “Breathe” and how did this project come together?

BA: Chris and I had plans of coming out with an album. About 2 weeks later we had an event for a charity “The Beyond Scholarship Fund”. Melanie was performing at this event and we approached her to record a song with us. She was so cool about it and agreed. The next day I immediately got on my phone and contacted Jesse Colliton the bass player on “Breathe”. He went on to introduce me to Jonathan Comis. We approached Jon with the type of sound and song we were looking to produce for the album and he agreed to write the song for us. We recorded the song in Atlantic Records Lounge Studios in Manhattan. It was mastered by Blue from Lounge Studios who previously work on Solange Knowles last album.  As soon as Melanie opened her mouth and began singing we knew we had a hit!

AA: Melanie, how was the process working with Beat Author?

MM (Melanie Munoz): Working with Beat Author has been and continues to be such a pleasure. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with and collaborate with a passionate, talented, professional, and hardworking team of wonderful people. I’ve truly enjoyed every moment of this process, and am excited to be a part of the team!

AA: This song seems really personal and heartfelt, what does this single mean to you Melanie?

MM: To me, “Breathe” is about taking the time to get to know someone and create something really special. The song is like a love letter; being able to reflect on the growth, love, and purity of a relationship and share that with that someone.

AA: Congratulations with the success of “Breathe” it seems to be doing really well, what are your expectations for this record?

BA: Thank you, we try not to have expectations. We all put hard work and experience into making all of this happen and we hope the world will enjoy it. So far we are very happy so see the songs progress and we hope to reach more people. Everyone goes through relationships and can relate to this song one way or another.  It seems timeless.

AA: We understand this single is the lead off an upcoming album, what’s this album about?

BA: I don’t have much to reveal about the album, but I will say that it will turn some heads. It is a multi-genre album that will feature some existing and upcoming talent. Keep your eyes and ears open for what’s next.

AA: What is the ultimate goal of Beat Author and what else would you like to achieve in this music industry?

BA: Our goal is to create great music and become a household name for everyone to enjoy.  At the end of the day we get to create awesome records with very talented people.  We are looking forward to the journey and working with more talented people.

Thank you Beat Author and Melanie Munoz for the opportunity! We can’t wait to see how much more success “Breathe” has and look forward to the album in the future.

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