Audible Review: Andrew Reed Starts The New Year With “If All The World Were Right”

With his latest release, If All The World Were Right, Andrew Reed is giving his audience an unforgettable experience. Through his 13 track album, Reed is reflecting all of what this past year has brought and sharing its results, humility and self-appreciation. Released on the first day of the new and promising year, the album is the best possible way in which a person could begin their year.

Throughout the record, Reed shares his struggles throughout the year which everyone can relate to, as no one is able to escape the rough patches of life as well as their consequences. But the struggles aren’t the only thing Reed shares in his album, he also shares the method in which he was able to conquer all of what life had to throw at him. Reed have excelled a skill that everyone aspires to learn, trusting life and accepting what it has offer by thinking positively and having a more loving approach towards others.

The record is a journey that everyone needs to experience. Reed’s soothing vocals paired with his intimate lyrics make the perfect combination for an unforgettable album. One of the record’s most memorable tracks is Where She Goes, the track has a certain feel of nostalgia to it.

But the last track of the album is the most unique on the record, unlike the rest of the tracks the final track is a poem. Paired with minimal background music, that adds to the track, the track is mostly focused on the poem and the strong emotions felt by Reed as he spoke it.

From the cover art to the lyrics and relaxing vocals, this album is one of the most calming pieces of art ever created. It is the perfect getaway from life and all of its struggles as well as the first step towards a more positive mindset and life.



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Salma Almed

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