Audible Review: Death By Piano Make Their Debut EP, “Countdown” A Masterpiece

Death by Piano is a dynamic Dark Wave duo based in Brooklyn, NY. Their debut EP Countdown is a masterpiece that came out of many hours of creative weirdness and collaboration between the two and other creatives. The EP’s five tracks all stand alone magnificently and showcase the duo’s ability to incorporate lyrics, sound, voice, and emotion in a way that glues the ear to whichever element that draws your attention. As you take in the music, Death by Piano wants you to know that you’re not alone in your life’s battles, so let the music allow you to introspect.

“Caves” is arguably the best track on the EP. Kalen’s captivating voice immediately hooks you to the track. The soft, high, and pure sound of her voice is enchanting and draws you into what she has to say. Later, the instrumental bridge relaxes you with its dubstep elements and distinct percussion rhythms. You also hear the soothing melody of a saxophone that brings a vision of your idea of relaxation.

Next, you get to hear DBPs cover of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”. If you didn’t know Dolly Parton sang the original you would have never guessed that it’s a cover. Death by Piano took this country classic and made it their own in the same way that Whitney Houston made “I’ll Always Love You” her own track. It’s hard to believe that “Jolene” is originally a country song yet Kalen sings it with the same passion that Ms. Parton sang it years ago. Job well done.

“Countdown” is the most introspective song on the EP. It is about the person who is ready to change, but now has to face all the obstacles that come with the desire to change. It takes you back to the place where you experienced the same battles. It invites you back into that memory and makes you empathize with the person in this song.  And if you’re currently going through this change, be encouraged that you are not alone in your fight.

The last two songs, “Torches” and “Bender”, have a much heavier focus on the music production, but in different ways. Out of the two “Torches” stands out the most. The bass is the most prominent.  It gets you grooving and has similar elements to R&B and Hip Hop that make you want to dance. The overall sound and feel of the music is smoothe and inspires the lyrical or contemporary dancer to move. The best part of the song, however, is Greywolf’s low voice. It balances Kalen’s soprano sound and soothes the senses.  Next is “Bender”, the last song on the EP. Its production feels more like relaxing background music. It’s the kind of song that’s perfect to play when winding down at the end of your day.

Overall, Death by Piano created an EP that is versatile and likeable in different ways. Kalen’s voice is sweet to listen to. Greywolf’s voice is soothing. The melange of electronic pop/rock and elements of dubstep is done with such ease and poise that it gives the production an elegance that’s not always present in electronic music. There is something for every listener in this EP.  Death by Piano did well to cater to the tastes of a broad audience.  Enjoy the music on it’s release March 30th!

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