Audible Review: Eric Frisch Releases “Late In The Night” EP

If you’re one for smooth, retro pop jams with vibes of the 50s and 60s, look no further. Acclaimed NYC-based indie pop artist Eric Frisch is back with another throwback EP, Late in the Night, released just last month. Drawing inspiration and influence from The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Real Estate, and Foxygen (among others), Frisch’s sound is warm and natural—real, in a sense—and overall the type of sound that a wide variety of listeners can enjoy.

The indie artist got his start back in 2013 with his debut album One Way to Find Out, and has a steady stream of releases ever since. He explores love and heartbreak in his songs, and you can just feel the sincerity in his pure vocals, in the simplicity of the accompaniments and backing vocals.

Several of his songs from previous albums have accompanying music videos which are definitely worth checking out, such as “Pretty Girls,” “Learn to Swim,” “All Over Town,” and “In the Morning Light.” His sound persists throughout all of his tracks and, as claims, Frisch has a “god given ability to make people happy and you can’t help but like him as you listen to his amazing voice.” Basically, you’d be crazy not to give this guy a listen.

About the EP itself, Frisch has this to say:

“I recorded the album with my band from midnight to 7am one night at Canterbury studio in Toronto. That’s why I called the album Late in the Night. Guess I could have called it Early in the Morning. All of the songs were recorded live in the studio in one take to tape. Everything you hear, except backup vocals, was recorded as we played.

“We were gonna be done for the night after we had ‘As Long As I’m Alive,’ ‘Late in the Night’ and ‘Loved You All Along’ because it was pretty late, we were all kind of tired, and my band didn’t know any more songs of mine. But I quickly taught them ‘Turn On Your Light’ at 4 in the morning. The engineer rolled the tape, and it took a take for us to really get into a groove on it. But once we did, what we got was amazing. The way the bass and drums sound on that song is perfect.

“I completely improvised the words to ‘As Long As I’m Alive’ on the spot as we were recording. I tried writing words to it beforehand, and I just couldn’t do it. For whatever reason, I had writer’s block. But I knew I really wanted to record the song. It has this great piano chord progression that was really beautiful. All I had for words was ‘As long as I’m alive,’ that’s it. And I knew I wanted it to be a love song. About how someone would go to any lengths in the world to be with the one they love. We did four or five takes of that one, all with completely different words, and I ended up liking this take the most.

“That song is about a back and forth relationship. The guy really wants to be with the girl, but as soon as he’s with her, he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. Basically about how we all want what we can’t have. He wants her to be this perfect girl, and feels like he needs another chance.

“None of the songs are to a click track, so they waver a little bit with tempo, but I think that gives them a real feel.”

You can check out more about Eric Frisch and give Late in the Night a listen by following the links below!

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