Audible Review: Geoff Gibbons Depicts A Stay At “Buffalo Hotel”

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Geoff Gibbons is bringing back the country-rock of the seventies with his album Buffalo Hotel. The 12 track album is a reflection of the artist’s life through his beautiful deep soulful vocals. After spending his life and talent creating music for other people as a songwriter for visual projects, Gibbons finally felt the need to tell his own story therefore Buffalo Hotel was created.

The artist’s identity is revealed through the tracks of the album, he established his own unique sound as well as expresses his stories through his emotion filled voice. Although the album is based on personal stories, it is written in a way in which it can relate to anyone who listens to it, making the album a personalized experience to each one of its listeners.

Gibbons produces the kind of music that will still be appreciated years from now, his music is timeless. With his personal twist on the country genre, Gibbons have already his own sound that we can’t wait to hear more.

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