Audible Review: Jasmine Kamirova’s New Album Is A Rollercoaster Of Emotion and Style

Sensible, versatile, metaphoric, provocative. These are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe Jasmine Kamirova’s new album “From the Womb”.  It is a production filled with surprise and delight. Its sound and vocals are intriguing.  Her style is poetic and captivating.  Before you know it you reach the end of the album, and you want to listen to it all over again.

Jasmine Kamirova’s musical style is quite similar to many of the British Pop singers whose music has crossed over to this side of the Atlantic.  It has the storytelling and production elements that are similar to jazz music but also has the simplicity, vulnerability, and rawness of a 90s coffee house musician.  The musical arrangement is short and simple, yet the lyrics are profound and provoking.  It’s easy to tell that she writes all her songs.  She also plays the guitar and piano on each track.  Furthermore, her musicality is already being recognized in Holland and Russia.  She has appeared on “The Voice” Holland and performed on live Russian national television.  She has collaborated with L’One, a Russian rap star, and she has been featured in Russia’s Vogue Magazine.

Listening to Jasmine’s music is like riding a rollercoaster ride of emotions and style.  Each track on the album represents a different level of the loops, turns, and twists of life.  She captures the very essence of human existence in the way that she writes, sings, and presents the different instruments in each track.  From the moment you hear the first song until the last note in the final song, you experience angst, joy, laughter, beauty, sadness, and nostalgia among many emotions.  In the first track, “Daddy”, you experience the disappointment she feels towards a father who doesn’t take care of his children (a nod to the 90s coffee house style singing).  Later, tracks like “Swallow or Spit” have a head-bopping edgy pop/rock feel while “Glazami I Dushoi” takes you back to Jasmine’s Russian heritage.

There is something for most music tastes in Jasmine’s music.  If you want to swing and jive one night listen to “Swallow or Spit”.  If you feel like listening to a sweet song about family ties “Little Sister” will brighten your day.  If love has gotten you feeling jaded, Jasmine’s got you covered with “Little Love”.  And if you’re tired of singing along in a language you know, you can play “Glazami I Dushoi” and enjoy its beautiful and harmonious melody.  All 10 songs on the album showcase Jasmine’s outstanding musicianship and love for storytelling.  She is a rising star in her genre, and we look forward to seeing how she’ll build her career henceforth.  Best of luck to you, Jasmine!

Find Jasmine Online!  Click on the links below for more information.  Enjoy the music!


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