Audible Review: Kyle T. Hurley – KTH II

London-based but USA born, Country Blues artist, Kyle T. Hurley is ecstatic to share his second album KTH II with his listeners. His roots are buried deepening within Los Angeles, primarily at the club scene, but this has helped him create a modern country-blues styles sound for this album. Unlike his first album, Kyle brings a more unique style to his recordings and live performances, blending the old-school, blues standards with new modern melodies and timbres.

“This album is as real as I could make it- it’s all true,” admits Hurley. “It’s got a big feeling about it. Now, that’s only my opinion, I might be right or wrong, but you’ll find that feeling in the Grand Canyon at sundown.”-Impose Magazine.

KTH II was recorded in London and finished at Abbey Road Studios. It features Amy Winehouse guitarist Robin Banerjee. He is now based in London and gigging all over the UK and Europe. The album features nine original tracks and one unique interpretation of Pride and Joy.

His interpretation of “Pride and Joy” stood out to me because in this song Hurley introduces his listeners to his muddy blues style. It is full of soul and electrified melodies. Throughout the album listeners are welcomes with more gloomy songs.

A song in particular that’s more gloomy is called “The Holding”. This song also sticks about because the song literally explains how there are certain things in life that happen to people which stay with them. They can affect who you are and how you react to things.

They hold you back from doing things others, who are scar-less, would normally do without thinking. The song is, in essence, any victim’s scarlet letter.” says Hurley.

On a twist and almost Arctic Monkeys kind of vibe, “Shot!” trails in with the instrumentals being punchy and sharp. The guitar solo towards the end of the song really captivates the listener making it enjoyable and deserving a listen to over and over again.

The name of the song represents the loud bang or shock of a violent attack, which is why I put the exclamation point there. It’s a loud yell or bang, like one hears during a violent bang.” Hurley says about “Shot!”

The rest of the songs on the album are very humble. Hurley’s second album expresses a new path for the realm of Country Blues. His songs are passionate and it can be said through his coos and riffs in his songs, that he is putting the genre back where it should be.

The album is all about his experience taking a twist on his aspect of what blues should be with a country mix on it. This album is one hundred percent real of what Kyle T. Hurley is all about. Next up on his agenda is KTH III, which is exciting for listeners!

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