Audible Review: Maxx The Muffin Man – Every Summer Since

Oftentimes, music is created as a means to express the struggles of the past, and the journey forward from them. Eighteen-year-old rapper and songwriter Maxx The Muffin Man has done just that out of his college dorm room in Portland, Oregon. The young artist began churning out remixes and original tracks last year, and has been on a roll with his boom-bap, lo-fi style ever since.

With his reflective, inspired lyrics and a sound similar to Capital Steez and Lil B the Based God, Maxx released his most recent mixtape Every Summer Since last month, having collaborated with a group of close friends and musicians, and is already en route to dropping his upcoming EP The Wrath of Grapes. The current project is his second so far on Soundcloud, and he recently posted his first two singles, one of which being the upbeat and rhythmic “Puff is Enough (featuring C.O.B.),” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Regarding his steady-rolling music career, Maxx had this to say: “I almost gave up on life, and music is what allowed me to survive. I hope this mixtape can touch you in a way that music did for me.” For more information on this rapper/songwriter instilling positive change and inspiration in his listeners, go ahead and follow the links below!

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