Audible Review: Psychocide Goes Wild With Their Debut Album, “Alcohol and Bad Decisions”

Have you been on the search for something that will get in your face and make you want to rock out? Well that’s what Psychocide can supply for us all. It has been a while since the world has been graced with what I like to describe as a “wild sound.”  These guys are out-there, and I am absolutely loving it.  They are bringing an all-out fire with their debut album Alcohol and Bad Decisions. These guys have been causing a storm in Canada and are setting their eyes on the U.S, so let’s keep a look out.

First, let me just say this has been a really well produced album!  I was actually quite surprised at how well the sound came through my headphones. This really sets a high mark for a debut album. The album is absolutely strong from start to finish.  It opens up with “Crazy Janet,” which is about this interesting love this guy finds in this girl, Janet.  Right out of the gate, we see what the band is about.  There are some sick riffs, and it is some rather tasty guitar work. This complimented greatly by the gut-crunching drum fills and explosive vocals.  I also want to commend the bass work, especially on tracks like “Mr. Suit.”  That song stands out, as it contains a slight funk feel, with the keys and bass lines.  The party doesn’t stop there though; it never really has an absolute “come-down” moment, but there are some calm sections on tracks like “Temporary Friends” and “Dear Alice” that give us a moment to breathe, while keeping us in the groove.  The backside of the album has some really stellar track, acting as good wrap up.  My favorite song is actually “Breaking Bad,” which is the final track on the album. Overall, I am highly impressed.

Psychocide has made a really strong first impression, and it has me personally wanting to see what else they can dish out.  You can check out Alcohol and Bad Decisions on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Souncloud. I also suggest heading over to YouTube and checking out their very impressive video content, including music videos for “Crazy Janet” and “Mary.”  While you’re at it, follow and support them on various platforms across the web. Listen on and enjoy the vibes!


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