Audible Review: Rob Jennings Releases His Debut Album “The World Was On My Side”

Musician Rob Jennings has released his debut album “The World Was on My Side.”

Since starting his career, the New Jersey native has performed at famed New York City venues such as Rockwood Music Hall, The Bowery Electric, and The Bitter End. His well-deserved success stems from his impeccable songwriting skills and musicality; on his most recent release, Jennings plays every instrument aside from drums.

The World Was On My Side is a follow up to 2015’s The Boulevard Gone EP, and is one of Jenning’s most exquisite projects to date.

 Early on, listeners will encounter one standout track, “Shamed.” The song bears resemblance to Tame Impala’s trip-rock style in the verses, and sees Jennings repeatedly ask himself, “What does it mean? What does it mean?” He also states that he’s “hiding [his] morals from something that’s hard to resist.” Ultimately, Shamed has a simple, but unique style that is great for one of the early songs on the LP.

Three songs down, near the halfway mark of the full-length, is another standout track: “A Friend.”

In a great stylistic shift from Shamed, “A Friend” begins with a beautifully haunting vocal showcase accompanied by guitar. Shortly after, the song shifts to a simple guitar and drum track.

Throughout the song’s 3 minutes, Jennings talks about how he’s “never wanted a friend” and has, at times, “contemplated the worst.” Presumably, the song focuses on friendship and lifting others up.

Overall, A Friend retains the sound sought after by Jennings throughout the album and helps usher listeners into the second half of On My Side.

 Everly, one of the album’s closers, is also a great standout track. Also reminiscent of Tame Impala’s style, the song’s 3 minutes presumably tackles feelings of suicide.

At one point, it is stated that “to give up is to lose all hope.” Despite these feelings, however, he chooses to hold on because of the thought of Everly. He tells her that “[he’ll] hold on. [She’s] all [he’s] thinking of.” Everly is truly a poignant track on the album, but one that stands out against the other great tracks as well.

 After having already released an extraordinary 25 EPs/singles by the age of 27, Jennings has established himself as an accomplished songwriter. Without a doubt, this debut album will only further solidify his presence within the music industry, and it proves that Jennings will not be going anywhere for a very long time.

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