Audible Review: Soul Messengers Keeps The “Vision & Faith” With Newest Album

The Australian soul band, Soul Messengers, exceeded expectations with their third studio album, Vision & Faith. With this album the band have managed to reinvent itself while still staying true to the sound it is known for. The record includes 8 tracks, covering a variety of topics from love to touching social issues. All delivered through the beautiful soothing voice of the vocalist and acoustic guitarist, Richard Aljinovic.


‘Let’s Get To Bed’

This song is the perfect track to start the record, as it is evidence of the growth of the band while still keeping the band’s signature sound that it is best known for. The track is a love song, it moves away from the typical love song by including more suggestive themes and yet still having lyrics with value.


‘It’s Too Late For Tears’

This track is one of the catchiest on the record. The tempo change throughout the song makes it more interesting and prevents it from becoming boring and forgettable.


‘Don’t Let Them Tell You’

Other than the beautifully played guitar solo halfway through the song, this song is the album’s weakness. This song is more blues than the rest on the album. Although its lyrics are extremely well written, the song does not expose any of the singer’s vocal ability that can be witness throughout the album except for this track.



With meaningful lyrics and accompanied by a very well suited music video, this song is the star of the album. Reflecting the vocalist’s raw talent through very well written lyrics that are relatable to everyone, this song gets better the more you listen to it. Very dense with ideas, the song reflects how life sucks us in with all these insignificant tasks that we often forget to live and enjoy. Wrapped up by a strong ending, this track could be the key to making soul appeal to the pop obsessed general public.


‘Need Your Love So Bad’

At over 6 minutes long, this song is the longest on the album. But paired with strong lyrics and a more jazz sound, the band manages to keep the listener’s interest throughout the duration of the song. The slow love song paired with a jazz sound introduces a new sound to the album.


‘Eleanor Rigby’

Originally written and sung by The Beatles, the song is written to suit a pop sound. But the band manages to adapt the song to their style and make it completely their own. When first hearing the song, you would never be able to tell that it is a cover or that it was originally written to be a pop song.


‘I’m Your Dog’

This track appears to be a funny and sarcastic take on the typically written love songs. But in doing so the song sounds very humorous and out of place in the album. Opposite to every other song on the album this song is repetitive and weak lyrically. It has no place on the album.


‘Wake Up ‘17’

Very lyrically strong and with a social message to deliver, this song is perfect for closing the record. After listening you will be left wanting more from this socially aware, talented and creative band.

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