Audible Review: Via Intercom-The New Era Of Poetic Ballads In Music

The Brooklyn based duo, Via Intercom, sound like the missing band from the soundtrack “Juno”. With their range of instruments-trumpet, violin, and glockenspiel-the band creates an electric folksy vibe. Their songs range from gender aesthetics, the unspoken addiction of cell phones, and sexual identity.

The song ‘Hairless Cowboy” has gained fame from its upbeat flow and infamous line “Sometimes I feel like you eat shit on purpose.” The bands songs tell stories in a poetic ballad while the instruments play along, harmonizing its soft spoken vocals and unpredictable lyrics.

In their music video, Photographer, an ambient figure dances in the midst of a saturated room, the color of the figure ranging in all colors of the rainbow. With lyrics like “Puking out your guts aroma pixie dust and rum (three shots)/ Flavored cinnamon” referencing the poison of Fireball, to “God I fucking love you I was such a pushy child”, the band welcomes new fans to the realities of their subconscious and world of metrical composition.

Via Intercom is a band of 2018. Moving away from the stereotypical ideas of beauty, sex, and gender, they create a new platform of expression by going against the grain and writing story like anthems.

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Taylor Papadakis

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