Audible Spotlight: Magical Beasts -“When Love’s a Stranger/Peninsula”

Magical Beasts is an independent Chicago-based band. The band is exceeding all expectations with their two new coming releases, “Peninsula” and “When Love’s A Stranger.” The album “Peninsula” focusing on the concept of growth in human beings as well as the evolution they go through. As for the e.p. “When Love’s A Stranger” it is just like its title is implying, a collection of love songs. Throughout both of these very different releases the band maintained its unique sound.

The seven track album, “Peninsula” has some of the best folk music released in a long time. The record’s opening track, “King of the Undead” is one of the most memorable tracks. The lyrics are paired with a beautiful instrumental and the different combinations of voices work so beautifully together. The many different instruments that took part of this track brought it together. As for the record’s fifth track, “Learning and Forgetting,” it showcases a different side to the band. The more calm track showcases the beautiful vocals of the band’s lead singer.

As for the love inspired EP, the band reveals a different side of itself. “Lady Bird” is the record’s most unique song. Everything about that track is addictive, the lyrics, music and vocals all work together so wonderfully to give us this masterpiece. After listening to this track once, you’ll find yourself humming mindlessly “lady bird, lady bird, lady bird.” The track is a different take on the typical love song and it hits all the right emotions.Although folk music may not be for everyone, Magical Beasts is an exception. A fan of folk or not, everyone must give “Peninsula” and “When Love’s A Stranger” a listen.


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Salma Almed

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