Audible Spotlight: Dru Cutler Brings Us “Oceanside” With His EP

Dru Cutler is an artist that went from being a film composer, jingle writer and singer for a cover band to a recording artist that knows the power of his own voice.

In his latest release, “Oceanside”, the artist reflects on the major political changes taking place in the states. The singer felt a connection to Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love.” So the artist put his own modern twist on the classic, made it his own to include it in this EP and coming full length album. The second song included in the EP is “Oceanside,” which showcases the artist’s addicting vocals.

Cutler’s intense musical background is present in his latest release. Having formed his first band at only 14, the artist has been creating music almost all his life, he is no foreigner to music scene. His tracks are often tested in front of a live audience before being taken to the studio.

The two-track EP, “Oceanside”, is only a taste of Cutler’s coming album “Bring Closer the Distance.” Judging by the 2 tracks we’ve heard, we can ensure that this album is going to be one to remember. We can already tell that it’s a completely vibe from his debut release, covering different topics that are much more personal, giving us a glimpse of the artist’s personal life.

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