Audible Spotlight: Henry Metal – Metal O’ Clock

Less than a year into his career, Henry Metal has already released four full length albums. The latest, Metal O’Clock, is full of rich tracks all of which convey the artist’s identity and views. With his latest album the artist is delivering hit after hit covering a variety of topics, not including any fillers. With his music, Henry Metal is putting an end to the misconception that Heavy Metal music is loud drums alongside screaming vocalists, he is showing the beauty of the genre. Henry Metal is showing us metal music like we’ve never seen before.

The eight track long album doesn’t include a single boring song. Each song has a unique message and sound, all while staying true to the genre. With songs like “I Don’t Care” and “Plastic Surgery,” the album conveys the artist’s views on several different concepts.

Only in the beginning of his career, the artist has already established himself as a metal artist with a message. With his already growing discography it is guaranteed that Henry Metal will be taking over the Metal genre in a few years.

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