Audible Spotlight: VENICE

With his pearly whites and sculpted arms, VENICE’s rich voice characterizes his songs. VENICE in his hit, “On My Level”, remixes a classic throwback by Chris Brown. The song’s may share the same beat and “Girl lemme get at you” lyrics, but VENICE’S raspy voice makes the song distinct from any other collaboration done before. VENICE is no way new to the music scene. At just 10 years old, the city of Atlanta became his home as he was just discovering the music world. His success seemed unstoppable, until he was shot six times at gunpoint, and left for dead. VENICE’S recovery and comeback exemplifies his own dedication and patience to himself through more than just his music. His other hits “Living Right” and “Wanted” featuring Tru Shatta shows his mentality for always wanting to have a good time, and never failing to make sure that he accomplishes at least just that.





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Taylor Papadakis

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