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On the hunt for a versatile music group of ridiculously talented ( and dare I say good-looking) 20-somethings steadily rising in international popularity?  Then boy, do I have the band for you. Meet DAY6, a South Korean pop rock group under JYP Entertainment, the same production company that’s home to artists like 2PM, Miss A, JJ Project, Got7, Twice, and formerly Rain and Wonder Girls.

Having debuted in 2015 with their first EP, The Day, DAY6 is the first rock band under JYP. At debut, the group consisted of six members: Sungjin (leader, main vocalist, rhythm guitarist), Jae (lead guitarist, vocalist, rapper), Young K (bassist, vocalist, rapper), Wonpil (synthesizer, keyboard, vocalist), Junhyeok (keyboardist, vocalist), and Dowoon (drummer). Due to unfortunate circumstances, keyboardist Junhyeok left DAY6, now a five-member group, before the release of their second EP, Daydream, in 2016.

The group’s latest project, Every Day6, consists of monthly two-song releases and pre-release concerts for every month of 2017. So far, they have released Every Day6 January with title track “I Wait,” Every Day6 February with “You Were Beautiful,” Every Day6 March with “How Can I Say,” Every Day6 April with “I’m Serious,” and Every Day6 May with “DANCE DANCE.” Each month has seemed to follow a different rock style, from pop punk to vintage, classic rock. They have been able to incorporate more technological music mediums—synthesizers and such—with multifaceted compositions and progressions, as well as a varying range of vocal styles—I’m looking at you, Wonpil—giving a modern twist to and still keeping with the rock genre. In an interview with Billboard at KCON New York last year, members of DAY6 say they draw inspiration from artists like U2, Coldplay, and OneRepublic, also saying they hope to branch out internationally and capture the attentions and hearts of audiences around the world.

DAY6 released their two new songs (“DANCE DANCE” and “Man in a movie”) for the month of May last week, preceding the songs’ and corresponding music video’s drop with a two-day concert in Seoul venue MUV Hall. “DANCE DANCE,” linked below, takes on a more upbeat, punk rock style than their previous tracks this year, portraying less of a serious/moving/nostalgic story and more of a lighthearted, “live in the moment and just enjoy life” feel. The single topped iTunes K-pop charts, hitting #1 in 14 countries around the world, including the US, Austraila, New Zealand, Mexico, Colombia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand, proving an international appeal for the group.

DAY6’s upcoming release, Every Day6 June, is set to drop after their sixth two-day concert this year early next month.

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