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Connecticut-based singer songwriter/pianist Joe Infurchia, aka Joeyi, has always had music in his life. He showed interest in the piano from as early as the second grade, and hasn’t stopped since. He holds music degrees from both University of Connecticut and Western Connecticut State University, and opened a private piano studio just after graduation. He has a vast musical background that has directly shaped his talent and skill. His style is generally pop/alternative, and his influences include Billy Joel, Elton John, DMB, Randy Newman, Van Morrison, Menahem Pressler, and Shawn Mendes. Several covers of songs by said artists and composers can be found on his YouTube channel, linked below.

Frequenting recitals and competitions throughout his career—the most recent of which being the Guitar Center Singer/Songwriter 6 competition in 2016, where he ranked 89th of 9,005 contestants—Joeyi’s skill on the piano is only rivaled by his prowess in songwriting. His early works were recorded with famous producer Lee Evans of Jambox Studios New York City, who described him as “smooth on the keys.” And he’s not wrong—the guy can really play! Not only does he have the talent, but he has the passion, too, saying “I love what I do. I enjoy working hard. I’m continually inspired and don’t remain idle. I am excited to get up every day.”

Recently, Joeyi has received praise for the release of his original single, “Take This Rose.” According to him, the song is “about the tiny spaces of time between people that either catalysts or deal breakers to what could be more, and the hope that it does before romance and not another flop.” Alternate Control Connecticut and Reverb Nation reviews both express great appreciation for the track, noting his unique voice, creative lyrics, and overall live feel. Joeyi is gearing up for the release of his first EP—working with Chris Cachuela at Chaplin’s Music Café—following the single, and has this to say regarding what’s next for him: “I’m super excited for the next months ahead. I’m working on my first EP and getting it heard nationally, in the spotlight. This is a combination of my life’s work on piano and vocal and is designed to show what I’m all about. I’m ready to take it to the stage and entertain and connect with people.”

Joeyi is looking forward to his upcoming VA Beach and Jersey Shore Summer Tour. The schedule is up on his website, so take note! He could be performing in a city near you!

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