Audrey X Releases Her First Of Many Upcoming Singles With “Black Skies”

Audrey X is a 21-year-old Stockholm, Sweden native who has always dreamed of singing and performing for anyone who would listen when she was younger. She was determined to become a star just like her music idols growing up. She started singing in her church choir and then moved on to take private lessons perfecting her voice.

At 18, she moved to London to study music, later she performed at “The O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire” for graduation and shortly after returning home she did her very first tour – which included singing at “The Stockholm Concert Hall” where, to name a few, Bruce Springsteen and Deep Purple has performed.

She recently has released her new single “Black Skies”. It can be described as a strong tune, Audrey X’s vocals combined with the production in the song create a song full of strength in passion. “Black Skies” is the first single to be released from her, she plans to release more as the rest of 2017 goes on. She is inspired and so driven, she wants to deliver songs that illustrate just how well she has mastered her vocals from over the years.

“My head was always filled with song lyrics and melodies and I would always visualize myself on a big-stage” Audrey X says.

Edgy, melodic, and unapologetic with subtle elements of r&b is what Audrey X’s music can be characterized as. As years have passed she has grown up and matured her style. Her character she has developed has given her empowerment and strength, which has compared her to artists such as Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande!

“Black Skies” is available for listen on SoundCloud and she is releasing more singles as the year goes on, be on the lookout for more upbeat pop anthems from Audrey X!

In the word of Audrey X herself, “I sing – therefore I am”. 

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