Bad Waitress Releases A Nice Refreshing Punk Slap To The Face With “Party Bangers: Volume 1”

 The Toronto based band Bad Waitress, once known as The Nude Dogs, released their new EP, Party Bangers: Volume 1 on the celebration of cannabis culture, 4/20. This couldn’t be any more appropriate for their band with song titles like “Let’s Get Fucked Up” and  “Acid Brain”.

The band of four women who are equivalent to if Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day had quadruplets with the lead singer Debbie Harry from Blondie, are punk to the bone. Their confidence and fearlessness stems from years of being inseparable as musicians, fan, and each other’s number one supporters.

Their music video for “Acid Rain” is like anything ever performed before. With clown and school girl outfits, mashed with an intense amount of pastel makeup, the video demonstrates exactly what the effects of acid does in the form of funky-junky garage music. It’s fascinating really that there interpretation of drug use is used in portrayal to hit songs and over the top gritty girl love.

The band, with undertones of UnderOath and 2011 Lady Gaga, is one to watch as their forms of artistic expression are some I have never seen.

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Taylor Papadakis

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