Benjamin Dean Wilson Exhibits His Storytelling And Talent With New Album

Benjamin Dean Wilson always had a passion for storytelling. He first started his journey as a storyteller working on commercials as a camera assistant. Then he started creating short films and finally he moved his passion for storytelling to music. Wilson’s dedication to his true passion, storytelling, is what makes everything he creates unique. He doesn’t get lost in the rules of each art form he chooses to experiment with, making whatever he creates one of a kind.

Wilson’s latest project, an album titled The Smartest Person in the Room, is a six track record that was released April 12. The independent artist proves his unmatchable talent by being responsible for all aspects of this album. Wilson wrote, produced, performed and played all instruments for his album, making him the ultimate one-man show.

Each of the six tracks is a short story, with characters, events and plots, showcasing the artist’s storytelling abilities. The record’s third track “A Difficult Decision For Ronny Giovanni” turned out to be the most interesting. As predicted from the long odd title, the third track tells an unforgettable story with the aid of a wonderful instrumental.

Wilson is unlike the musicians we are used to. He doesn’t follow the rules that most musicians follow. He doesn’t compromise his interesting story for a catchy chorus or a spot high up the charts. Give him a listen, you won’t be disappointed.



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