Blues Rock’s BJ Wilbanks Releases Two Singles to Kick Off New EP This Month

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BJ Wilbanks has Southern flair, and he wants the world to know about it.

In preparation for the release of his self-titled LP, Wilbanks has shared two new tracks on his official SoundCloud account.

One the tracks, “I Can’t Help It,” perfectly exemplifies the style of the Georgia-based artist. An infectious blues guitar riff is paired with Wilbanks’s raspy Southern vocals in creating a sound very reminiscent of blues-rock band ZZ Top.

The song is similar to what you’d hear over a glass of whiskey at a dimly-lit bar, and thankfully so.

The 3-minute long track deals with Wilbanks expressing his affection for a love interest. He proclaims that he “[wouldn’t] know what to do if [someone’s] love passed [him] by,” and that he’s consumed by an overwhelming desire to love this person. Essentially, the track is Wilbank’s way of saying that he can’t help having the feelings he does.

It’s “not so much what [they] do” that drives him wild, but he’s “just so into [them],” he can’t get out.

Another track, “Livin’ Off The Land,” showcases Wilbank’s innate talent while providing a slightly different atmosphere than in the one preceding it.

The song is very remindful of what I like to call “Porch Rock,” and that’s a good thing; it’s laid-back, story driven, and features amazing vocals and instrumentation from Wilbanks and his collaborators.

Throughout its 4 minutes, the song sees Wilbanks wish that he “could rewind to that simple way of life.” The lyrics almost directly mirror the instrumentation: simple, but beautifully so, and in a way that transports the listener to a world other than their own.

The harmonica solo during the song’s midsection provides a nice transition into the latter half of the track, in which Wilbanks advises everyone to “change [their] way of living” if they want a better life.

Ultimately, though the track may slightly differ in sound from “I Can’t Help It,” Wilbanks’s second song maintains his unique style and sound.

BJ Wilbanks is currently preparing to release his self-titled LP on April 28th. Surely, his sound is intriguing (albeit familiar), and one can be certain that his latest effort will draw lots of fans from the blues, rock, and soul corners of the music world.

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