Brie Angellina Explores The Joys Of A Young Single Woman With “That Bad”

Following the sweet melody of her single “Lullaby”, Brie Angellina released the next single, “That Bad”, off her debut E.P, Honeyed Words, due out this year.  This new jam features Jallal, L.A.’s standout rapper and protege of Lupe Fiasco.  Jallal adds flavour and swag to the smooth and laid-back charm that makes up Brie.

“That Bad” is a clever exploration of a young woman who is happy being single and the cheating ex who wants her back.  Brie roars in her prowess as a lioness and asserts her independence whilst Jallal comes in claiming his love for her to which she responds with a flat out rejection.  Ouch!  The exchange between the two creates a visual delight that pulls you into the song’s sentiments.  Jallal’s use of metaphors and the staccato phrases in his raps make you listen closely and see his side of events unfold in your mind’s eye.

Brie’s emotional connection to the lyrical content takes you into her soul and you see her put up her hand in Jallal’s face as if saying, “Talk to the hand”.  The entire song is an anthem for every woman who has stood up for herself and won’t let herself get sucked back into a relational wreck, featuring a lying and cheating fool.

Brie sings this song from the heart as if drawing inspiration from a past hurt and her vocal ability is just as evident.  She controls her pitch effectively on the lower notes and occasionally shows off a higher range and harmonizing skills.   The music itself is a pure interpretation of the lyrics that galvanizes the contemporary/interpretive dancer to move to the song’s emotion.  With such musicality, ability to inspire, and piercing passion, Brie has all the essential elements to make her a bright star in her genre.

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