CECI Makes The Soundtrack to A Transformation With “If”

A lullaby with a burst of electric undertones, CECI describes her song , If (4/4), as a track about “forgiveness”. The song is part of a four part series all about the transformation from being inwardly trapped to finding a personal freedom. The chorus of CECI’s soft cooing, mixed with the lyrics of her heightened self relief, is the perfect completion to her restored serenity.

CECI’s first song, Inside Out (1/4), is a song about the symptoms of heartbreak. The music video shows a beating heart turn black, matching the rhythm of the song. The music video and song give a grim look into what the grievances of heartbreak feel like. Her second song, Detox (2/4), is a song about the effects of weaning off the expectations, attention, and love from an ex. It’s a well described metaphor as her music video is her dressed in white, shifting around on high terraces and walls. The music video has a certain interpretation that makes it my favorite out of her video debuts. Her third song, Thirst (3/4), is a song about the confirmation of love through talking and touching. The music video is quite an eccentric form of self-expression. You will have to see it to believe it.

The songs all share a twang like glitch, something along the lines of futuristic meets temperate. CECI’s alluring voice and one-of-a-kind entity makes her a new and upcoming artist to keep an eye on in 2018.

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