CHANCES Is Back Again With Their Latest Single, “Leave The Light On”

Montreal-based experimental pop group CHANCES is back again for the release of their latest single, “Leave The Light On.” The trio, consisting of singer-songwriters/pianists Chloé Lacasse and Geneviève Toupin and drummer Vincent Carré, got together in 2016 “to sketch out a few songs, just to see where uninhibited brainstorming might lead.”

Well, less than a year later and here they are, four months after the release of their debut single, “Shine,” with a second track that’s sure to catch as much praise as the first.

CHANCES takes on an otherworldly sound with their music, rife with airy, ethereal vocal harmonies, flowing piano accompaniments, and steady, catchy percussive backbeats. “Leave The Light On” premiered on May 25th—you can give it a well-deserved listen by following one of the links below—and takes on an uplifting, hopeful tone, infusing French lyrics near the end to tie back to the group members’ Montreal roots.

According to CHANCES, the new single “is about trusting that you’ve got some things to learn along the way from the connections in life that may be fleeting yet beautiful. It describes going ahead with something or someone, even when you know right from the start that it may not take you all the way to the finish line.”

CHANCES is set to perform a concert at L’Ange Vagabond in Montreal next week. With such a strong start this year, you can only expect CHANCES to go up from here. So “Trust the flow. Don’t think about the odds.” Give them a listen!

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