Chris Zurich Looks Back On A Relationship With Gratitude In “Our Routine”

Though break up songs will never go out of style, every now and then a refreshed version of them makes their way into the world. Chris Zurich’s latest, “Our Routine,” is an invigorated break up track.

“Our Routine” gives way to a mainstream pop sound,that feels refreshed with an electronic vibe. It’s a positive outlook at the end of a relationship, Zurich detailing the “routine” that the couple had before it all ended. In a world with a lot of negative energy, the optimistic vibes are a refreshing change from what’s been played on the radio.

Zurich’s single is also accompanied by a video. The video portrays the lyrics as is. Zurich is seen dancing and singing while thinking about the time he spent with a girl in the past. A beautiful reflection of the song itself, the video help adds to the message and overall song.

“Our Routine” is hopefully just the beginning of what Zurich has to offer. A well done track with a positive outlook on a bad situation, he has already established himself as a credible musician. Zurich is definitely a pop artist to look out for.

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