D.G. Adams Honors Vegas with Latest Release

D.G Adams is quite the talented individual.  Not only is he just a musician, but he is also a seasoned actor. Adams has been creating music since his teenage years, but he did not begin sharing his work, outside of friends, until the 2000’s.  Adam’s is possesses a gift for writing lyrics, and we produces an intoxicating folk sound that is sure to invoke emotion and thought. This is certainly new with his newest track, “Vegas.”

Adams has released a track in remembrance of the tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas this year. The song has really powerful lyrics, and will make anyone fall into deep thought and be grateful for life.  The most powerful lyric, in my opinion, would be, “Vegas where the lights shine bright, so many lights have gone out tonight.”  It’s certainly quite powerful; it is not so often that I hear something that hits a nerve like Adams has done with this track.  I will be eagerly awaiting more tracks in the future. The proceeds will go to the families and victims of the Las Vegas incident.

After you have listened to “Vegas” I highly recommend that you listen to his album, The Old Heart,over on Spotify.  Also be sure to show support on the various platforms across the web. Listen on!

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