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Danielle Duval Makes Us “Lose It” With New Album and Single

With Blondie vibes, Danielle Duval’s strong voice blends into the bass of her new song “Whenever You Want It”.  Just shy of a month ago, Duval debuted her song on the Morning Show. With her hair spiked, thigh high boots, and distinguishable voice, she rocked her performance with self-possessed swagger. In her music video for the song, the beauty of nudity aligns with her lyrics of “it’s a natural confessional of the mystical”. Duval’s new melody of expression is all about “no fear; being open, ready, and up for anything”, she said so herself when launching the song.

Duval is by no means new to the music scene. Her voice appeared on an episode of “Californication” in 2010. She performed the classic hit from Grease, “You’re the one that I want”, but used longer pauses and much more soul. Her music is a mix of rock’n’roll, pop, indie, and electronic, proving her voice is vigorous in multiple genres.

With 2018 just beginning, Duval and her band are the ones to watch as they take their vocals, accent of sounds, and talent to new levels. Check out here new album now available!

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