Darrell Kelley Touches The Soul With “Storm Is Coming”

Get on board the soul train and be prepared to groove to Darrell Kelley’s new track “Storm Is Coming”.  The message is simple but profound.  The lyrics are easy to follow, and you’ll be singing along in no time!

The song begins with Darrell’s smooth and soothing voice speaking over the music.  He uses this portion to introduce the song’s content which helps you understand the message.  The chorus follows.  It’s repetitive which draws you into the meaning behind the words.  The song then follows the normal verse/chorus structure until the end.  Throughout the track, you will notice the strong downbeat and percussion.  It gets your head bopping.

Overall, the production’s simplicity and Darrell’s use of repetition are the song’s most powerful techniques.  That makes it easy for you to understand the message and gets your body moving to the beat.   So turn up the volume and tune your ears to hear the new sound that has come to the R&B/Soul genre.

Listen to “Storm is Coming” here.
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Enjoy the music!

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