DTEASE Rocks Into Classic Punk-Infused Realms With New Album, “Shake”

While listening to The DTEASE’s debut album “SHAKE,” prepare to be transported back to a time when rock ‘n’ roll legends roamed the earth. The group plans to re-energize the rock scene with stellar instrumentals and “sexual performance elements entrapping all of the senses.” The DTEASE shows are something you won’t want to miss.

Just like rockers of generations past, “SHAKE” holds nothing back with songs daring to ignore the rules of polite society. Songs like Dirty Mattress, Cum Again, and FTWD (Fuck the World to Death) ooze the carefree attitude of the band’s heroes, musicians such as Bowie and The Clash. My two favorite songs, A Little Bi and Liar, grab the listener from start to finish telling stories that relate both to the new era in 2018 and to the timeless feeling of bitterness after pain.

Sex, politics, and sticking it the man—if these are your thing, this is the album for you. No matter the subject, each of the fifteen tracks will have you head banging in your living room pining for the days of grunge or jumping around with your air guitar.  Most of the album features heavy lead guitar, wild drum solos and sexy, strained vocals. There is no escaping the orderly chaos of this breakout rock group.

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