DYGGZ Keeps It All The Way 100 With “4real4real”

Soundcloud is over flooding with wannabe rappers. Although it is the perfect platform for those with a dream and talent but it also provides an opportunity to all those with a hunger for fame to release whatever meaningless tunes they desire with the hope that they will blow up overnight. Artists like DYGGS are the reason we don’t lose hope in platforms as such.

DYGGS is putting his own twist on the hip-hop we know. The artist is blurring the line between the different eras of music and giving us hits in the process. The artist’s latest release “4real4real” is a great introduction to his unique sound and extreme passion regarding music. “4real4real” is unlike anything ever released.

If DYGGS keep on uncovering hits like “4real4real” that showcase his extreme passion and talent, he will be topping the charts in no time. The hiphop scene is missing someone with DYGGS talent and vision.


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Salma Almed

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