E4T Has Nothing But Winning On Their Mind In “How Can I Lose”

E4T tells us exactly why they can’t lose in their new single “How Can I Lose”. The Brooklyn based duo is composed of Milly H and Sleepy Hoolie.

The two have been rapping since their teenage years and it shows in the effortlessness of their lyrics.

They’re able to motivate listeners to win by any means necessary by not holding anything back in their lyrics.

The song is dynamic because it has enough bass to get you lit at a party but is melodic enough to help you relax after a stressful day.

Listening to “How Can I Lose” makes you ask exactly that. How can the Brooklyn rap duo lose with a banger like this? The answer is simple; they can’t.

Listen to “How Can I Lose” on YouTube.

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Orella Chichester

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