Ellevator Raises To The Top With “Voices”

The song “Voices” by the provisional pop sensation, Ellevator, is a song about love and what it means to be in love. Lead singer, Nabokov Sue Bersche, states that she always had a pretty good idea of what the love of her life would be and even look like. From the details over his car’s make and model, to his “5 o’ clock shadow”, Bersche stood by her standards, until she realized wanting what you want isn’t always what you get.

Her taste and point of views of what she thought about love were before she’d ever been in love. Through this journey, Bersche has believed from the beginning very beginning that love was always “a part of her future”.

Ellevator’s new song “Voices” is fun and up-beat. Berchse takes her personal memories of ex-lovers and turns them into the relatable lyrics of what love means to us all.

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Taylor Papadakis

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