Evan & the Live Oaks Are Hitting All The Right Feelings With Their EP, “Hyde Street.

Led by Evan Laham, the band gave us a sound that has been missing from the industry for a while now with “Hyde Street.” The three track EP is a great way for us to get introduced to the band and learn about their sound. The strongest track on the record has to be “Maybe Later.” Featuring a strong guitar solo and a beautiful variety of instruments, “Maybe Later” is one of the most original tracks we’ve heard in a while. As for the track “Home,” it showcases the strong vocals courtesy of the lead vocalist, Laham.

The EP left us craving more of Evan & the Live Oaks. The three songs were enough to make us go crazy over the band and their unique sound.

The band, highly influenced by the Rock and Roll of the 60s and 70s, gives off a feeling of nostalgia. Evan & the Live Oaks is giving us a sound that hasn’t been heard in a while and we can’t get enough of it. Check them out below!


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Salma Almed

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