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Explore Adrian Underhill’s Simultaneousness and Togetherness with “Not Good Enough”

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Adrian Underhill’s single “Not Good Enough”, an electronic pop record with soul additions and production by Kindness, has to go with it a music video that has its own beautiful complexity and is a must-watch.The video resembles a vintage 70’s home tape,

The video resembles a vintage 70’s home tape, an aesthetic which is easy on the eyes and has a simplistic touch. While not being drawn out with complications, the video has a message of gorgeous intentions paired impeccably with the single.

Not Good Enough’s video, as explained by Underhill, aims to “explore the simultaneous isolation and togetherness that exists between people.” There’s a focus of two dancers, and though their movements are together, they are connected and flow off of one another to illustrate this connection. The dancers are separate and isolated, but doesn’t ignore the obvious connection, noted by an element as subtle as a turn of the head or a flick of the wrist. This tension is drawn out throughout the whole video as the dancers explore themselves and their strength towards each other.

The video adds another layer to the single, and both of the releases work amazingly independent or as one. Not Good Enough is available for streaming on Soundcloud, and Underhill’s debut album is set for release later this year through Indica Records, also produced by Kindness.

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