Feel Alright Rests In “Cool Water” With Latest Single

If you are a fan of folk music, you are promised an explosion of good feels as you listen to the up-and-coming group, Feel Alright. Over the years, Feel Alright has evolved from playing in “a dingy apartment in Athens” to the main stage at Sled Greece, and with their latest release, “Cool Water”, we should be seeing their name pop up more and more.

Feel Alright wrote their latest song while moving from Pittsburgh to Calgary. The inspiration for this song came from his thoughts about, “the kinds of people who work tirelessly to contribute something vital to the music community, without receiving anything in return in terms of conventional success, and the cycles of exhaustion and propulsion that characterize being a cultural worker in a city like Calgary.”

The simple and smooth sound, inspired by their global influences of folk, provides a relaxing feel that emphasizes the lyrics. The gentle appeal of the song allows listeners to become engulfed in the warmth of the voice and truly appreciate the message. The dreamlike essences within the track submerges you in a bubble that, just like their name, makes you feel alright.

To listen for yourself, go on Spotify or SoundCloud today! And if you like what you hear, stay tuned for Feel Alright coming to a Canadian town following the release of their new record.

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Amy Almeida

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