FerrariLover Releases Music Video For “Iridescent Prism”

Today we are circling back and stepping into the symphonic universe of FerrariLover. Her new music video “Iridescent Prism”, is a celestial time-lapse that provides some welcomed multi-dimensional objectivity from the daily grind.

Her debut album, Seventh Sky, is packed with vibrant and meditative tunes. These tunes created in improvisation sessions with no more than an electric guitar and an ingenious use of pedals and effects. 

Because of these tunes they create an almost meditative vibe to them. First listening to “Iridescent Prism”, I thought that the song was very relaxing and calming. A stress reliever to say the least. No vocals are even required for it, just listening to the tunes from the electric guitar are enough to make the song. 

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Kristen Calderoni

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