Freedom Baby Releases A Melodic and Unique Sound With “When We Go”

Freedom Baby’s have come out with an amazing highly instrumental song called “When We Go.” Their sound is melodic and unique, their musical talents lie both in the vocals as well as their ability to play instruments. The Toronto based duo of Eric Reid and Brianna Bordihn have spent the last year forming their sound. The song had started as a bedroom project, but now has formed into an aspirational album. The musicians have based their upcoming album on the evolution of life and death. How you’ll Grow, will be released early next month and will supply listeners with various takes on the cycle of life.

Their debut song “When We Go” is set to make their new album a hit among indie and folk lovers. The instrumentals are very strong on this one particular song, hinting that the rest of the album could only supply more greatness tone heard. The vocals of Bordihn are soothing and peaceful to the ears. The band offers soulful sounds for a new age of music lovers.

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