Iskwe Reflects How We Are One Nation Against Injustices With Her New Single “Soldier”

Iskwé, singer- songwriter from Canada, releases her powerful new politically charging single “Soldier”. The song reflects how we need to work together as a united nation to stand up against the injustices we constantly face in our world today. Iskwé uses her music to inspire the future generations to speak out on issues within the music industry.

Iskwé, a name meaning ‘woman’ in her native language, has been known for her cross-cultural aesthetic through her music. She uses her platform to address topics she believes are important to not only her personally, but in the industry as whole—her culture and gender. Iskwé uses the meaning of her name literally when it comes to using her voice to stand up for what she believes is right, which includes fighting for the equality of women. She describes her music as a “source of deep, personal strength for m, it is also a form of protest—protest against the continued hardships of the North American Indigenous community, protest against flippant legislature failing to protect our lands and waterways, and protest against fallout women face when speaking out on issues within the music industry.”

“Soldier” is a single Iskwé is extremely proud of, especially considering the meaning and message behind the lyrics. She describes her single as being an anthem for all the protectors of our land, water, and future generations. Aside from the powerful lyrics of the song, the track itself is very catchy with a great rhythm of darker and heavy sounds and electronic beats.

‘Soldier’ is a single off of Iskwé’s new album, ‘The Fight Within’, out everywhere Friday, October 13. To prep for more powerful music, be sure to check out Iskwé’s single, “Soldier” today!

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