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Jamil Kassam Lifts Us Up with New Single and Music Video, “Rise Now”



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Jamil Kassam is an artist making his mark on the pop world in an uplifting notion. His new single is a burst of fun and emotion, and when I heard it, it instantly brightened my day.

The single, “Rise Now”, is explained by Kassam to be about realizing who you are. He tells The Huffington Post that “Ultimately, the song is about “affirming your own truth, no matter how hard it is and no matter how afraid you are.” And that shows through in the powerful lyric video. The video, out now, reminds you that you are allowed to be your own person, whoever that may be, and to embrace it. With uplifting instrumentals and eye-catching visuals in the video, Kassam brings forth a message that needs to be heard, especially in hard times when it’s easy to lose the person you are.

“Rise Now”, along with having a positive message, holds pop beats that are not only different, but entertaining to listen to. Kassam draws influence from around the world; using his understanding of African rhythms from his upbringing on the Ivy Coast. From living in Dubai, he studied Oriental music, and from living in Europe, classical music. All of these influences are present in “Rise Now”, from the rhythmic drums to the floaty and intricate melodies. Kassam’s powerful voice on the track delivers hope in an inspiring way. If you like influential artists such as Emeli Sande and Nneka, Jamil Kassam is definitely up you alley.

Kassam currently studies at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, and his main goal is to create universality in music. Along with uniting people all over the world, he strives to advocate peace, and is currently working on a solo album to do just that.

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