JesusCmplxx Regains His Control With His Newest Release, “SUVI”

Take a chance on JesusCmplxx as he boldly enters the independent music scene after years of working in the music industry in Canada.  He has seen it all.  From extraordinarily talented musicians get turned down to music execs making decisions with no regard to an artist’s desires; he knows the industry in and out.  Frustrated and fed up with what he saw and the decisions he made, he finally did what his heart wanted.  He left the industry and decided to be part of the community of musicians who choose to stay true to their music.

His debut single “SUVI” is a simple yet moving production that leaves you beckoning him for more of what he has to offer.  It’s clean.  Each element of the song is very distinct.  His voice is mesmerizing.  He is a tenor whose sound is easily adaptable for theatre productions; that’s if his heart draws him that direction, of course.  His vocal strength lies in the high notes he sings.  He sings them straight with no vibrato.  That isn’t always an easy undertaking.  The music itself is experimental.  In the beginning, it sounds as if it’s headed towards a British pop sound but later he adds techno beats to it.  The entire production flows seamlessly from start to finish.  The lyrics are abstract.  They are not the focus, but they add a dreamlike effect to the melody.

JesusCmplxx seeks to regain control of who he is as an artist.  This new undertaking is him proclaiming that he is good enough.  It is him recognizing that he has worked hard for what he wants, so he will show it in the music he makes despite anyone’s opinion.  Check out “SUVI” on Spotify or on Soundcloud, and stay tuned for more to come.

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