Jordan B. Wright Releases New Single ‘Fireheart’

Jordan B. Wright, a multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada, is beginning to make a name through the recent release of the new single ‘Fireheart’. ‘Fireheart’ is “an anthemic song about relationships and the hopes of growing old together.” With great momentum assembled by a variety of instruments—drums, guitars, keyboards, and harmonies, the song builds as the storyline in the lyrics develop, making the song come together to make a beautiful melody.

With sounds similar to the mega-famous boy band star Niall Horan, Jordan B. Wright is a huge talent at just a young age. Wright is fluent in a variety of instruments, such as bass, keyboards, piano, guitar, and vocals. As a result of these wide musical abilities, in 2015, Jordan believed it was time to test out his indie-rock sound by forming a band and releasing the debut album “Everything Blue” in January 2016.

Although only beginning to gain success through ‘Fireheart’ by being featured in Live in Limbo, Jordan B. Wright has been performing internationally on recordings, tours, and festivals with a variety of different bands, such as The Cliks, Tara Slone, and Random Order. Some of the famous gigs Wright has previously booked include events such as MIDEM, Pop Montreal, NXNE, and the Pan Am Games Closing Ceremonies. Remixes of JBW’s first single are currently being made by the famous DJ Shine, who is famous for his successful remixes of Frank Ocean and Drake songs, and DJ Cozmic Cat of Jupiter Productions.

Just as this single ‘Fireheart’, the momentum and buzz surrounding Wright will continue to rise. Be sure to be on the watch for Jordan B. Wright getting ready to release the full-length LP in the Fall!

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