Josh Movers & The Shakers Tells What Happens “When I Steal Your Heart” With New Single

At a time when indie rock music is scarce, a band like Josh Movers & The Shakers emerges and proves that there is hope for that genre in a pop dominated industry. The band combines the talents of several individuals that come together to revive a dying genre.

Their second single “When I Steal Your Heart” is a different approach to the typical break up song. The song’s dark lyrics, inspired by the lead singer’s own heartbreak, paired with a cheerful tune add depth to the song. The dark lyrics are from the perspective of a psychopath who is literally stealing a heart to sell for money. The song’s metaphorical sense makes it even more unique.

Inspired by Tom Lehrer’s “I Hold Your Hand In Mine,” the song has the same dark, humorous take on love. Josh Mover & The Shakers prove that a break up song doesn’t have to be sorrowful lyrics paired with soft, sad tunes. There are many methods to get over a broken heart and, according to the indie rock band, one of them is selling your ex-lover’s heart for $100,000.

Their single “When I Steal Your Heart” is just sample of their highly anticipated EP “Into a Ghost.” A fan of indie rock or not, any music lover will not be able to resist the catchy tunes and unique lyrics of the upcoming band. With the release of their debut EP, Josh Movers & The Shakers are one step closer to conquering the indie rock market. Their EP, released on the 16th of February, is now available for streaming.


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